Awaiting knee replacement

Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m awaiting urgent knee replacement. I couldn’t be referred to Orthopaedics until the rheumatoid inflammation was down. I’m on a new drug for that which is working! Yay. But now can’t wait for surgery, never thought I’d be saying that! I’m 50 years old and discovered last year I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis as well as rheumatoid. It’s all been very traumatic. But I’m sure I’m in the right place for support. After surgery I want to help others somehow even if it’s just online. Thank you for reading this. 🌸


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @VictoriaPlum

    I'm so glad your knee replacement is down as urgent and hope you get your surgery very soon.

    I think they are always looking for online moderators here you should message @YvonneH or @Brynmor here after you have recovered.

    Do let us know how you get on

    Take care

    Toni x

  • stickywicket
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    Best of luck with the TKR. I've had three (over 40 years, all very successful.) If you've any questions just fire away, preferably on the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look on there.

  • Bella59
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    Good Luck hope you get operation soon.I had both knees replaced ten years ago.I am two weeks post hip replacement,had other hip done six months ago and what a difference.Glad you have found a med to help with RA.Sometimes it can take years to find a med that works.I myself am still trying to find the magical one for myself.

  • Wow thank you, your comments helped a lot! I’ve just set up an Instagram account about living with arthritis with suggestions on how to manage pain and life. It’s called @livingwith_arthriris444

    I’ve still no date for surgery but I’m praying 🤲 like anything. Your comments lifted my spirits 🙏🏼

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    I I’m 60 years old with joint pain in my hands feet and hips ..I have osteoarthritis I in my knees one more painful than the other also I’ve started with this muscle pain like cramping in my calf when I walk, I’ve now had two test for DVT but it’s not that. Was thinking it could be rheumatoid vasculitis 🤷‍♀️ I’ve now been referred to orthopaedic clinic and now to rheumatologist.

    if any one has any information about this it would be much appreciated


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