Hello. I could do with a little advice please.

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I am after some advice if possible please. Ive had pain for about 8 months little niggle in ankles but one was broken and never fixed properly but terrible pain in my wrists where my fingers freeze. It starts gradual with a little pain then gets worse. Stays a few days usually worse at night and often keeps me awake. Now i find i am having same pain in my sholder i can move my shoulder but not lift my arm. Again it appears gradually then gets worse at night and in morning. It really is painful I wonder if it could be muscle but honestly it just feels way too painful to be that.

I finally spoke to Gp who has given me blood test for rhematoid Arthritis but it looks like that has come back clear i am low in vit D thats all i can see and now as usual i cant get an appointment to find out what else it could be. Ive googled osteoarthritis and this seems to fit however I am 44 woman normal weight I go gym I am fairly active so am unsure as to why it could be osteo. My dad has ra and so did my grandad which is why they tested me.

Does it sound like this could be osteoarthritis? Should I be pushing my Dr for a diagnosis? I have been given pain killers by them and vit D but that seems to be it.

Im sorry to ask but I reaĺly am in pain and I just didnt know where else to ask.

Many Thanks in advance.


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    Hello @Nikid and welcome to the online community,

    So, you’ve been having pain in various joints that seems worse at night and in the morning. You’ve had a test for rheumatoid arthritis which proved negative and you think it might be osteoarthritis but you’ve had no clear diagnosis. It’s hard to be in pain without knowing what the cause is, so I think I would agree that, if the painkillers and vitamin D aren’t helping, you could go back to your GP to ask for some further tests. Alternatively, you could ask to be referred to a pain clinic, where other means of dealing with your pain, including medication, gentle exercise, diet and physiotherapy are considered.

    All our members have experienced living with arthritis and could share with you what their symptoms are and how they deal with them. Every person is different though, so it’s always best to go back to your GP if you’re not sure. Here’s a thread about different symptoms and treatments from some of our members:

    The Versus Arthritis website has a useful page on dealing with pain - I’ve linked to it here and I hope it’s of some help.

    Arthritis can affect anyone, of any age or in any health condition - if you have a look round the forum you’ll see we’re a mixed bunch with one thing in common. Everyone is very friendly, so do have a browse and ask any more questions that you might have.

    Do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( mod)

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    Nikid, is your GP aware that RA can be seronegative? Many are not. Or that, if a parent has one autoimmune disease a child can inherit another. PsA, A.S and even RA can be seronegative. Me? I'd be pushing for a rheumatology appointment.

  • Nikid
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    Thank you i fear this may take some time as have not yet been able to speak to gp about test results i just saw them online and googled them. Its looking like june b4 i can talk to gp about them. I was in so much pain last night I just cant think what else it could be. Im so worried reading through posts on here I do think it sounds like it could be either one. I am grateful to have found this page thats for sure.

    Thank you x

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    Pharmacists can be very helpful as to what we should take for which symptoms.

    You say you can't get a GP appointment until June. Is that to see a specific GP? Or any in the practice? Face to face? Or by phone? I'd take whatever I could get. In my practice, in Scotland, it's usual to see a nurse practitioner but they're excellent and can, and do, quickly expedite a GP appointment if necessary.

  • Nikid
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    Its to see anyone at any time face 2 face or by phone. I will just keep on at them i guess. Thank you so much for your advice x

  • Hi @Nikid

    I had the same problem trying to get a face to face with my NHS GP. Got a blood test and a consultation with the receptionist to be told I didn’t have RA 😂

    I was lucky that a change of job got me private health and got to see a consultant rheumatologist. But unfortunately that is not a route for everyone. I guess keep bashing the surgery doors to be seen.

    But I also have an issue with my shoulder and that turned out not to be arthritis. It is a calcification tendinitis. Comes and goes and often I cannot lift my arm to look at my watch.

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    Agree with others keep at them. Book an emergency appt if necessary and your in pain.

    RF negative can rule out rheumatoid(although you can still be negative and have it) but as someone else said there are other options.

  • Nikid
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    Thank you for your replies.

    Ive been i so much pain with my shoulder and im achey and tired all the time tbe more i read the more im convinced its RA I have an appointment in 2 weeks its a phone call again so I want to make sure i get answers what should I be asking? Any tests I should ask for? I just want to know for sure what this all is so I can leaen how to feel better. Many Thanks x

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    Right, here's what I'd do:

    1. Be polite but firm.

    2. Remind the GP that both your father and grandfather have/had RA.

    3. Tell him or her that you've read, on NRAS (National Rheumatism and Arthritis Society) that RA can be seronegative. (https://nras.org.uk/resource/seropositive-and-seronegative/) and you are aware that other forms of inflammatory arthritis are seronegative. (Eg Psoriatic Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis)

    4. Ask, in view of the above, to be referred to a rheumatologist to put your mind at rest.

    I do know that RA and OA show up differently on x-rays. Ideally, you could ask for an x-ray at least but it might be that you'd need a rheumatologist to read them. I don't know.

    In the meantime, write up a diary of symptoms. How long does morning fatigue and stiffness last? Are the joints swollen? Hot to the touch? Take photos of anything unusual. Then you'll have a quick reference when you speak to the doc.

    Bear in mind it could, still be OA. You have formerly had a broken ankle and also gym work can be overdone and cause OA problems. So, meanwhile, maybe just keep up with some of the very gentle, range of movement exercises on here.

    Good luck and let's know the outcome.

  • stickywicket
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    Just an afterthought. You say the report said you were low in Vit D. Did you know that low levels of Vit D can cause osteomalacia and one of the symptoms is joint pain. Have a read here https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/conditions/osteomalacia/

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