Adalimumab Amgevita Injection every week


I have been injecting Adalimumab Amgevita now for 6 month every 2 weeks. It has worked for me in so much that I have no inflammation nor are my joints tender to the touch but I am still in severe pain and have to take painkillers every day. I also take Methatrexate which seems to give me side effects, weight on my chest, dizziness, and lately also swollen ankles. i have just met a lady from US who increases her injections of AA to every week and since she started doing that she is pain free.

is there anyone out there who injects AA every week and what difference did that make.



  • EllieAG
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    I'm in a similar boat to you and would love to hear more from anyone else. Tha ks for the post.

  • Chris_R
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    hi @EllieAG

    Welcome to the online community glad you have found us.

    You dont say what is wrong it would be good if you could just say a few words on your arthritis journey evryone has a story to tell and its good to share then we cahn advice you better.

    take care and do chat on line and please tell us how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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    If the DMARDS aren't working then your rheumatologist, should be the first port of call. But working doesn't necessarily mean pain-free.

    I've taken methotrexate for years. I've not heard of it causing swollen ankles but they can be caused by lots of things. I suggest you ring your rheumatology helpline. They'll be able to check your latest blood tests.

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