Pain behind the knee.

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I have had rheumatoid for 10 years now. It is well under control. I have now developed pain at the back of my knee. Painful in the mornings and also getting on feet after sitting for a while. Does knee arthritis affect the back of the knee ? Or could it be something else?



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    Hi @ELAINE55555 ,

    Do you have a RA nurse you could call is it warm to touch I would be tempted to call your surgery or your RA nurse just to get some advice please keep us informed how your doing

    take care

    Jona 😊

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    Hi there. Long time no see☺ Sorry you're having problems.

    It could simply be the arthritis but there's a chance it could also be a Bakers Cyst if it's behind the knee especially if there's swelling there. Your GP should be able to tell you. As I, dimly, recall, the treatment is just elevation and rest.

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    I agree with Stickwicket could be baker's cyst,I myself had this after knee replacement several weeks after operation.Will take time to go down,elevation,ice and pain relief.You should maybe get gp to check this over.Hope you will feel better soon.

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    Thanks for your replies. I had a routine blood test today, so the result next week might give me some clue. Knee is not warm or stiff, it’s just painful through the night and I can’t put weight on it in the morning or after sitting for a while. I am going to try for appoint at ra clinic, as I know my dr will just put me forward for physio. I’ll need to Google bakers cyst, I’ve not heard of that one.