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Hello, I'm new to this forum but the discussion on Easy Flex caught my eye as I've just listened to that Doctor for about half an hour before he told us about his miracle formula. I was going to buy some but have decided not to after reading the posts. Thank you!


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    Hello @MrsMac A Very warm Welcome to the online Community.

    I see you have decided against buying Easy Flex after listening to the sales pitch. I can quite understand your decision.

    There are cheaper things we can do to help ourselves such as Maintaining a healthy weight and gentle exercise as well as taking our Dr's advice and medication as prescribed.

    I don't know which type of Arthritis you have but am very glad you have decided to join us here. Please do take a look around the various categories and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    The most popular tends to be Life with Arthritis which includes 'Let's move' which is all about us helping ourselves. I am attaching a link to some gentle stretch videos which are in the category, but there are so many threads you might not find it.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts in future.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @MrsMac nice to meet you.

    Someone with common sense too😊

    I read your post and looked up the item and think it's really expensive! I couldn't find any negative reviews except one from America. That man said the 'Dr' you heard might actually be a cardiologist Not sure what that has to do with arthritis.

    Still as I always say on here if people have the money and it helps them it's their choice. Me I'd rather save my money!

    Take care

    Toni x

  • It pains me deeply to admit it but I've had huge benefit from taking Easy Flex. I studied Medicine and Molecular Medicine at Uni and have always felt I'm above paying money for scams. However, I was desperate. I looked past the too-sleek-and-fancy advertising and decided that my life was of sufficiently low quality that taking the supplement couldn't make things any worse.

    You can't imagine how surprised I was when it actually helped my knees. After 3 weeks I was actually able to straighten my legs fully and fully flex my knees as well - almost a normal range of movement after years of my legs being stuck half bent. I even started walking small distances with crutches and left my wheelchair in the car.

    It still seems too good to be true but it did for my knees what steroids, steroid sparing drugs, biologics and trial drugs all failed to do. Nobody is more surprised than me. They have me as a customer for life. For those interested, I have Behcet's Disease causing inflammatory arthritis mostly affecting my large joints but, occasionally, smaller ones too (such as fingers). I also have a bit of Osteo from long-standing EDS.

    I tried to save money by taking the ingredients separately - we just ordered cheap Boswellia etc from Amazon. It did not work and now I have to return to the company to buy the branded Easy Flex again - simply because, since I switched to generic Amazon supplies, I have got to the point of being unable to get on and off the loo by myself because of my silly knees. Generic alternatives don't always work as well as a formulation and I do understand that. I'd just hoped I'd have been able to bypass the massive price tag. Sigh.

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    Hello @OriginalBoodge welcome to the online community

    As you can see from the previous discussion this is a product about which many members of the community are very sceptical. It has cropped up in previous discussions and it has not had a good review.

    I am glad you feel that it has helped your knees and your mobility , however I suggest that less expensive treatments and gentle forms of exercise might have produced similar results.

    Your journey living with Behcet's Disease and EDS you describe as a challenging one and your trials and tribulations of various drug treatments must have had a severe impact on your wellbeing and lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your experience with us .

    We hope that you find time to browse round the community and find some interesting activities and discussions to join. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best wishes


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