Cigarettes & Alcohol (& Adalimumab)


Hello people

Can anyone offer any advice on drinking alcohol and biweekly Adalimumab injections? The information I have found says it's ok in moderation. I'm not planning to go mad but would like to have a few beers in the garden now the warmer weather has arrived. I stopped drinking and smoking completely on new years eve as I was having my 2nd hip replacement in February. I have now had the operation and finished the post operation drugs and managed to drop my codeine and paracetamol back from 4 times a day to perhaps once a day if i need them (usually if I wake up at 4am in pain and can't get back to sleep).

I still take the maximum dose of Sulphasalazine twice a day and have my 3rd biweekly Adalimumab injection tomorrow. I might have 1 beer today but will avoid having any on the day of my injection and for a couple of days after.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis and am currently using a wheelchair while waiting for bilateral knee replacements.

I'm still off the cigarettes but would like to get some of my old life back.

Cheers Danny



  • stickywicket
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    First of all well done on getting off the beer and cigarettes in preparation for your THR and also cutting right down on the pain relief after.

    I think alcohol in moderation is OK with adalimumab but the key word is moderation. I like a glass of wine with my evening meal. I also lilke one in the garden in summer but it's usually either or. I never drink on my methotrexate day and take at least one more day off too. Having said rhat my ALT levels, in my regular blood tests, are brilliant. Rarely get to double figures. Thank you to all my ancestors!

    Smoking though is a nono. Why on earth do it when we know it can make us more likely to get RA, more likely to get it worse and likely to stop the meds working so well? It will also make your anaesthetist's job harder when you have your next op. Don't go there.

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  • Rubikscubeboy

    Not planning on smoking again. Saved myself a fortune and turned really anti smoking, as a lot of ex smokers do. Just talking about a couple of beers now and then and avoiding pain killers on these days and the days around the biologics. Certainly keeping within the 14 units per week and not binge drinking.

    If you check out my recent posts I am taking part in the medical cannabis trials for chronic pain, but this will be delivered by heat (vaporizer) as opposed to combustion (smoking).

  • KazandNoo
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    Hi Rubikscubeboy

    I'm on adalimumab and I think it's ok to have a drink (within guidelines of 14 units a week) and possibly depending on what other meds you're on. I enjoy a couple of glasses some nights but like you not on injection night or a couple of nights afterwards as I usually feel a bit nauseous at this time anyway. Another guide is your blood checks,and your rheumatology nurse.