Unable to drive

I’m really looking for some guidance!

I have psoriatic arthritis that greatly affects my left foot/toes/ankle and knee. I have a 6 month old and 4 year old who depend on me for all aspects of life. I am a breastfeeding mother and have recently been put back on DMARDS (sulfasalazine), naproxen, co-codamol and steroids. My foot is that incredibly painful I am now unable to drive, walk for any longer than 5 minutes, and this has effected every aspect of my day to day life. I can no longer take my eldest to school, attend appointments, go outside for walks, shopping whatever you name it. I have just applied for a Personal independence payment (which I’ve just been informed can take up to 6 months) i am at a lost on what i am suppose to do. How am I suppose to return to work next month? How am I suppose to take my boy to school? How am I suppose to attend my hospital appointments in the mean time? Who am I suppose to be asking for help until I get the decision from DWP? I hate hate hate living like this and it’s really affecting my mental health and my family.


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    I remember, with some unease, those difficult years of having two small children and RA. Presumably the sulf will start to work eventually and, presumably, you've been given the all-clear to breastfeed while taking cocos.

    In reply to your questions - what I did was:

    1. Enlist a friend or neighbour to take my elder lad to school and back.
    2. Get hospital transport for appointments.
    3. In some areas there are people willing to volunteer lifts for other essential journeys.
    4. I've no answer to returning to work. I couldn't.
    5. Get groceries delivered and do the rest online.
    6. If walking aids help try your local disability store. Some will come out to you. I used the baby's pram as a walking aid!
    7. Good luck and I hope the sulf kicks in soon. Is that what you were on previously? Did it work then? Our arthritic bodies (well, mine any way) take ages to recover from childbirth.
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