Inflammation and hot

Hey I kinda feel like all I do is complain about my problems! I’m fairly new to being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

the last two days my left affected foot as swollen to double the size of what it usually is and feels really hot to touch. I’ve been on salfasazine since Tuesday 7th June and so far I’ve been ok but all of a sudden the pain/swelling/hot to touch has got to much. I actually can’t put any weight on the affected foot and I’m struggling. Anyone else been through similar?


  • stickywicket
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    The sulf hasn't had time to work yet. This is just the PsA having a bite. When my feet were bad i sometimes had to wear different shoes - a wide one to accommodate the the swollen foot. Keep doing foot exercises - little, gently and often - to keep the muscles strong enough to support you at least to go to the loo etc.

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