26 and living with OA in hip

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Hello! I've joined this community as I have been living with pain in my right hip throughout my 20s. I got the official diagnosis of OA when I was 24 due to part of my bone 'dieing' and causing it to re-shape and damage the cartilage. I struggle with pain for daily tasks like bending to pick things up etc and I'm finding it very difficult to live with as I'm a very active person! I love hiking mountains and gym classes with friends etc and I'm very sad to have had the enjoyment of these things taken away and having to live with the fear of losing the ability to do them altogether. As a young adult with OA, it feels very lonely as no one I know my own age can relate to my situation or the pain I'm in. I feel like Doctors aren't very helpful and just tell me to accept it and 'do less'. If there is anyone who has been in a similar boat I'd love any advice or just company in how I'm feeling.