Rheumatoid arthritis

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Hello, I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago and have suffering badly ever since. Started on Methotrexate which worked well with RA but made me so down so they advised me to start Leflunomide. I started it in Feb then got Covid (no symptoms at all) but had to come off medication, where things got so bad. I’ve have 2 lots of steroid injection and 2 courses of steroids but I’m still suffering so badly. I’m sure the medication isn't working for me but have to stay on it until 6 months. I’m finding it hard to do things for any length of time as I won’t be able to use my hands the next day. It has really taken over my life in such a Devastating way. Im normally kept awake most of the night due to the pain. Im super fit and have been teaching fitness for 25 years. I still work (with extreme pain) but just have to adapt. My RA travels all around my body. Mainly in my arms/elbows/hands/jaw and knees. It is definitely getting worse and I really worry about the future. I’m 51 and I live on my own.


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    Is this your previous post?

    I am so sorry to hear how you are struggling given your personal level of fitness and your job.

    I very much hope you have a face to face appointment due soon or can book one with your rheumatologist. This needs discussing there if the Leflunomide isn't working. I would try to take someone with you at your next consultation too for support. I take it you have painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds to take too?

    Just out of interest I wonder whether the oral steroid courses made a difference while you were on them?

    Sending sympathy and ((()))

    Toni xx