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Hello to all!

I have rheumatoid arthritis and taking hydroxychloroquine. I had my 3rd Covid jab in December and I am wondering if I should have another jab now.

Any ideas??



  • I had my 3rd in December and my GP said to have the booster now. Went yesterday, and there’s a problem with people not coming forward. Had mine at Boots and I was the only booking all day!

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    In the last 3-4 months my wife, son and daughter have all separately contracted covid as well as my brother in law and two sisters in law. According to the ONS the infection rate here in Scotland is 1:18 at present with a 30% increase in hospitalisations in one week.

    My brother in law and his wife have now decided that they'll take no more covid vaccines as they got covid a couple of months after their booster. I really don't understand people at times.

    I've now had 3 primary vaccines, a booster and a spring booster and I'll continue to take any future vaccine offered.