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Think I might be having my first OA flare attack need to confirm please


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    Good Morning @Bluenose3 welcome to the online community.

    I understand from your post that you have Osteoarthritis (OA) and believe it is 'flaring' at the moment. Your symptoms are suddenly worsening. We are unfortunately not medical professionals so can't confirm this but hopefully hearing other people's experiences and will help.

    While you wait for someone to come along I am going to attach some information which might be useful from our website:

    In addition here is a story by someone called Nora who has Osteoarthritis herself:

    I also found a previous thread, from earlier this year, discussing this issue:

    In there Tom, one of our moderators has posted a link to 'pain' which might also be worth a read.

    While your here do take a look around and see the other categories including Living with Arthritis which is very popular.

    Best wishes


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    I really like the definition 'Symptoms suddenly worsening' in respect of any condition including OA because a lot of people think of only the inflammatory arthritises 'flaring' as such. They do flare without a doubt (I have both) in a different way including bloods showing inflammation for instance and excessive exhaustion, fever etc, but Osteoarthritis does as well in my own opinion.

    I think in my case usually when I overdo things or the condition is worsening. The pain from my OA affected joints is pretty well constant (it's always there), but I can make it worse. When I do I take my pain meds. Step back from too much of whatever might have set it off. I rest a bit more and add a few other things to help with the pain like my microwavable wheat-bags for instance or the use of a tens machine.

    Take care of yourself@Bluenose3 and if it doesn't settle down maybe a chat with your Dr is in order. A referral to physio might help. Oh i do the exercises on here too

    Just got to find the link

    Toni x