PsA diagnosis

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I think I have PsA. Currently seeing rheumatologist privately (via Benenden for some of the costs). He asked for blood tests in addition to those done by GP. Also have had ultrasound on both hands and one foot. Next week I am booked for full body isotope bone scan. Most people seemed to have MRI scans and I wonder if anyone can tell me the difference between the two. I.e. is one better than the other for showing possible PsA - I know it is difficult to positively diagnose. I am not sure about taking any medication, if offered, but at my age, 75, I would like to know why I have different lumps and bumps to those caused by OA. I am not in constant pain, just intermittant, random episodes which luckily don't last long. I won't see the rheumatologist again to hear his opinion until mid Aug.

My RF was positive, urates (gout) high and low Vit D.

As the date for the isotope scan is creeping closer I am wondering about its advantages, if any, over MRI.