Osteoarthritis pain in both feet


Can anyone please offer advice about managing osteoarthritis pain in both feet.

I am newly diagnosed and it is making me so miserable especially as I care for my elderly disabled parents and work part time as a support worker.

I am really grateful for any advice or tips to get through the day!

Thank you



  • Hi,

    I have Osteoarthritis in both my ankles and front foot. If i could give any advice i would say is if normal over the counter meds are not working try contacting your GP and they can give you a stronger NSAID. I have bone spurs with my OA and unfortunately the medication i was given (tried multiple) never did anything as is bone rather than inflammation of the foot. Yes they swell up and is good for that but really pain wise i have noticed their isn't really much medication out there for managing. I do however swear on ice baths! Before i had to give up work i was a senior carer working 13hr shifts 5 days a week and ice baths for your feet work an absolute treat! I now have to have what i call "knock out drugs" that make you high as a kite to take away the pain. Also prioritise resting as much as you can when you can and elevate your feet.

    Hope this helps or clarify anything!

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