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Hi all, just joined your community as I have arthritis in my knee and would appreciate any advice, information, input etc into living well with this blinking condition. At the moment I am coping well during the day but can’t sleep at night as the pain is so bad. I’ve tried heat/cold, painkillers, cushions, tens machines, ibuprofen cream and occasionally resort to alcohol!! If anyone has any advice I will gladly try it. Thanks in advance


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Katec Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community.

    I see from your post that you have Arthritis in your knee (I am presuming Osteoarthritis apologies if I am wrong) and are struggling to sleep at night.

    I am going to attach a couple of links (actually 3) while you wait for some of our members to come and share their experience.

    This first one is a discussion on the subject:

    @DODGYKNEES and @airwave are still regular postsers.

    This one is information about knee pain:

    and this is about sleeping with Arthritis:

    Best wishes


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Katec nice to meet you😊 I resume the pain is actually worse at night? You aren't overdoing it in the day are you? Could you try a rest period in the daytime?

    It's pretty awful when you've chucked your whole arsenal at something and it still isn't enough isn't it?🙄

    I suggest back to your GP maybe? there are medication options you haven't mentioned. Some of which are slow release and might just buy you enough time to sleep.

    Not much worse than being in pain at night when the rest of the world is happily 😴

    Take care

    Toni x

  • Katec
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    Thanks Toni. It is painful wether i have had a busy or a relaxing day. I will definitely mention slow release meds to the gp though

  • SarahP68
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    Hello @Katec, my advice to you would be to speak to a pharmacist too. They are hugely knowledgeable in my experience and can often offer you ideas to speak to your GP about. Best wishes.

    DODGYKNEES Member Posts: 68

    Hi @Katec I also have osteoarthritis of the knees. I was diagnosed in 2010. It is a difficult condition to deal with. It's a lot of trial and error as far as pain relief. It's a good idea to gain as much information on the topic as u can through books, website, this site. It's a good idea to see a physio who can give u exercises to maintain range of motion and strength. Speak to Ur GP regarding medication. I was first put on co-codamol. They did not have much effect. I now take Zomorph, high dosage aspirin and amatriptaline. They do work to an extent. But unfortunately there is always a certain amount of pain present. As for throughout the day, I wear knee braces when I have to walk any distances. I use heat more than ice. I try to pace myself with daily tasks to avoid the boom and bust cycle. Sleep is always going to be an issue.. I have invested in a good quality mattress, a full length body pillow, v pillow. Sometimes I elevate my legs to get comfortable. Lately I have been massaging my knees before bed, which seems to ease the pain slightly. Unfortunately some nights r going to be restless and uncomfortable. I try to read when I can't sleep, to take my mind off the pain. Also do visit this group as often as u can, there is some very good advice to be found and a lot of people in the same boat. Hope this helps

  • airwave
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    .ask your go for a referral to the pain clinic, they will interview you for a pain clinic course which is extremely helpful, many doctors are waiting for the course.

    Pain relief is a multifaceted approach, do the course.

    its a grin, honest!

  • DebbieL
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    Hi @Katec,

    I am 55 and have OA in my lower spine. I found that physio and exercise has helped to reduce my pain during the day. However I can’t sleep without painkillers.

    Being active during the day makes me more tired at night and helps me to sleep. I have a 4” memory foam topper for my bed which really helps to cushion my hips but also makes more sleep positions comfortable.

    For pain relief at night I take 2*30/500 cocodamol and 20-30mg of nortriptyline. This usually works for me, but if I am still unable to sleep due to pain I use heat pads and naproxen. I try hard not to take painkillers through the day as I think this will make them more effective at night. I have also realised I can still sleep with a level of pain so if I wake in the night in pain, I try warm milk and reading till I feel tired and can sometimes fall asleep again. Sometimes I take another dose of cocodamol.

    The physio said I should try and reduce my nighttime pain killers and I have but have been unsuccessful. If I don’t take my usual dose I end up taking it later as I can’t sleep, then have to wait around an hour for them to work. I have found that cocodamol can take 2 hours to give maximum pain relief.

    It is trial and error with pain relief so talk to your GP and try different combinations.

    I hope you find something that suits you.


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