Coping with a total hip replacement living alone

Wondered if anyone has experienced having a total hip replacement while living alone? Still waiting a date and I am trying to plan ahead but I don't really have anyone other than an elderly neighbour who can stay when I come out of hospital.

On the same question a long standing chronic back pain is making me wonder how much that is going to affect me after the operation as I usually wake up in great pain but it does work off a bit once I'm up and about.

I'm sure there are ways round these problems but would be interested in other member's thoughts.



  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Jobyna, I've just written a long post on this on @Mark1558 's thread - "Hip replacement", as he's facing the same later this month. It pretty much applies to your situation as well, so I hope you'll find it helpful. Most of the forward planning just needs to be in the few weeks before surgery, but you can prime friends and family to drop in on you a bit more when it happens. The OT department should make sure you have the equipment you need. You'll be surprised how well you can cope at home, with a bit of lateral thinking and planning ahead on a day to day basis.

    I hope you don't have to wait too long for a date. By the time you're on the list the pain is usually pretty awful. The surgery will make an enormous difference, even if it is a bit uncomfortable for a while from the op.

    You might find your back problems ease post surgery, as walking with a wonky hip can have a knock-on effect on the rest of you. But only time will tell if they're related - sometimes it's best to deal with one problem at a time.

    Do post again if you have any more worries.

  • Sunnyside_12
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    Hi joanna

    I live alone and have appointment this September with a specialist. I contacted the Red Cross, because I needed walking aids shower seat, toilet seat also bed handle which helps me get in and out of bed, I have been trying to prepare for a hip replacement too, I have it both sides, I find it hurts my back its part of my osteoarthritis pressure put on it.

    Hope you get sorted and operation is very soon, there should be help out there, for people who live alone and have operation.


  • Jobyna
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    I think I should have posted in total hip replacement or hip replacement but thank you Lilymary for your comments. I can't find the thread that you have written for @mark1558 but would like to read that.

    I have been waiting 3 years for the op and keep thinking it must be soon! One or two things have cropped up that have delayed it and at the last pre op assessments was found to have atrial fibrillation and have been put on Apixaban. Prior to that urinary problems led to a cystoscopy which identified a bladder cancer and that has been removed, so it has been one thing after another! I had this previously 15 years ago so that doesn't worry me too much.

    Back problems have been present for 30 years or so and give me far more pain than pain from the hip and not a lot has been done for it other than physio and working on exercises myself but I do wonder if it is going to be a major problem coping with that on top of surgery, as well as living alone.


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