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I joined this group many months ago but for some reason i have never posted anything. I have mild osteoarthritis in all of my major joints, as well as my L big toe. Gouty as i have heard it described. As a semi retired nurse, even i am struggling to cope with this condition. Pain is a constant which never rests. The tiredness creates variable moods. My question how can the body and mind continue to facilitate this ongoing torment. I have had arthritis for many years by the way.



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    Hi Kenbo I feel your pain, I have osteoarthritis in both hips and I have depression and loneliness, it's difficult to maintain positive, but I have been trying to keep up with exercises, I also have an old dog, which has accidents in my home. I find the pain worse in the mornings, my appetite has gone just lately, think constantly being in pain doesn't help. I split up few weeks back from ex, he wasn't supportive, by his way of drinking beers and throwing in my face how much he did for me, which wasn't much. 😂

    I think to myself it will get better one day.

    All the best Ruth

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    Hi Ruth,

    I know exactly what you mean. I have arthritis everywhere and my new joint in my knee is playing up. The swimming pool where I did brilliant water workout classes is closed now and I can't get to the others by public transport! Some days are awful. But I have had this now for over 30 years (I'm 70 now).

    My GP changed my pain killers recently because I had been on them for so long (although I didn't always take full dose as I didn't want to be hooked) and that has made a huge difference.

    I do gentle exercise ( the videos on VA are great and you can just do what you can cope with) and my garden has been a huge blessing. I also write a diary each day and try to find one positive thing to to put in it. I often set myself a tiny goal e.g. tidy the laundry cupboard or bash the cushions (good for frustration|) etc. per day. Gives you something to look back at and say that you achieved something - even a small thing.

    I'm also learning Welsh. You could try a language. Duo-lingo is brilliant and doesn't cost anything and it helps focus and take your mind off things. I can no longer play the instruments I used to but do listen to music instead on radio and CDs.

    I have found SKPE/Zoom useful for keeping in touch with folks I can no longer visit.

    Hope this might give you some ideas about what to try out that might work for you.

    I just need a new skeleton 5'3" in good condition. You don't have a spare in your cupboard, do you?

    Anyway, good luck.

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    Hi moira

    Thank you for your kind words. I have been looking at Tai Chi, going to speak with my physio tomorrow about it, I have been feeling little better mentally today Sunday. I have a daughter not far in village nearby, I'm going to visit her this Tuesday, I have sorted a cleaner to clean once a week, which will help. I try exercises physio has given me each day, very difficult, knowing pain is worse. Hope you have had a good day and the new tablets are working well for you. I take naproxen but try miss some days, because body gets use to them.

    All the Best Ruth