Questions for Doctor for 80 yr old with severe osteoarthritis in left knee

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80-yr old with severe osteoarthritis in left knee cannot get total knee replacement till he gets TAVR to fix severe aortic stenosis.

Current Knee Dr ordered Orthovisc 4 injections, one week apart.

Patient read lot of user reviews on Internet and has questions for Doctor before undergoing these injections.

Below are questions, what other questions should Patient ask Doctor?

  1. Since osteoarthritis in left knee is so severe, what are the chances that the injection will be successful?
  2. Why not have a single injection, such as Synvisc-One?
  3. Will you, the Doctor personally perform the injection into the joint? How will you guide the needle, will you use ultrasound?
  4. Will you be easily accessible for those weeks after the shot, in case of adverse reaction?


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    Those questions are enough for you to get the right answers i cant think of any other questions at this present time.

    I have welcomed you in the Hello trying to help a family member.

    Please do chat on our forums as there may be people who have gone through similar experiences and can help.

    Take care Christine

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    Thank you, I shall post this in the forums