Work forcing me in the office?


I'm 27 and I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in my hands.

My current company is being taken over and a lot of people have left including my original boss who allowed me to work from home to help my condition.

I work in advertising so I'm at a desk a fair amount. I prefer working from home as I can get away from my computer if I need a break or if I'm having a flair up. I also don't have to lug all of my equipment to the office.

Sometimes meds make me sick so I also like being home for comfort.

Recently I asked my new boss to ease my workload (I've been taking on new accounts as people have left) and had a meeting with HR about my condition. They've basically told me I could get my hours cut and occupational health need to review my workspace but it needs to be in the office. I questioned this because whats the point in getting a workspace reviewed when I'm not in that workspace. I also sent a load of ideas to help my condition like using a tablet instead of a mouse and keyboard to help and got ignored.

I then got sent a link to do tests for fire hazard and a risk assessment which you guessed it, requires my hands to do it with. I then got told to a risk assessment for office only which I still don't understand why.

I love my job and I worked really hard for it so I would like some advice on how to get some back up if you will.


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    Hello @Cassienova can I suggest that you contact our Helpline who may be able to give you some guidance

    Hope you get sorted

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    Hi there, sorry I can't give any advice other than the above but I want to say I think you're being treated unfairly. Apparently the new management have no understanding of your arthritic condition.

    I would ask for a dedicated interview both for their benefit and yours. I would ask if there has ever been any complaints over your previous workload, expedition of work? They are bound to have all your previous notes on whether you have failed to carry out whatever has been expected of you. If there is nothing to show your arthritis has lead to poor quality of work, I would ask why they need to change your place of work.

    I would also suggest contacting your local employment agency for a leaflet on 'Adjustment in the workplace'.

    Is your workplace far from home and involve a lot of traveling?

    As a last resort you could always try a tribunal though I sincerely hope it won't come to that.

    I do hope you and your new employees can come to an amicable agreement.

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    Hello @Jeanbean and welcome to the community. I hope that you enjoy your time here and many thanks for your post. Hopefully @Cassienova can get some advice.

    The community is a great place to exchange views and learn about other people's experiences as well as just somewhere to hang out and talk to like-minded people. Please do keep posting, good to see you here

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  • Definitely use Occupational Health service if you have one. Mine made recommendation to home work as the condition is a registered disability and they're failure to allow you to do that just because they don't know how to manage people remotely is not your problem. It's also work contacting Access to Work for a workplace assessment who will say if you need specialist equipment to work in the office such as a chair, adjustable mouse, keyboard, rise and fall desk etc - you might just find that the cost of paying that puts them off you working in the office entirely :-) Good luck

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    It is your employer's responsibility to make 'reasonable adjustments '. The fact that you've worked effectively from home helps your case. If you're in a trade union, contact your local rep. for assistance, if not try CAB. Very often companies are better at listening to these organisations than to individuals. Good luck!