Chronic pain

Hi i wonder if anyone can help at moment ive got osteoarthritis in every joint but the pain is really bad in both knee & hips. I also suffer from platar fisitus which which the biomechanic podiatrist is seeing which i see tuesday. I have trouble woth my back ive been told its degeneration of my lumbar spine and faucet joint disease so if stood too or on my legs my backs starts hurting. At the momentI'm taking the maximum dose of my cds. In pain all the time its not helping my asthma either so im hardly getting any sleep. It just getting me down there used to a welfare co ordinator at my surgery i used to ring when im having problems but i havent got that any more because she left to go to anpther surgery so ive got no back up anymore. I'm going for a ct guided cortsteriod injection in my ankle as that is beging to sieze up now.

Still waiting for appointment at the pain clinic but got told when tried to find out how long got told its the secretaries who book the appointments if im getting worse i have get my gp to escalate it. It just getting me down.


  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Peawhips I'm sorry you're in so much pain at the moment, it really can wear you down. I hope your appointment with the pain clinic comes through soon. Have you tried nudging your GP about it? They see so many patients that they can't remember to chase things up for us unless we tell them there's still a problem. It won't do any harm to try.

    When my hip was really bad I found a lot of the tips on this link really helpful, specially distraction (ie do anything you can absorb yourself in which you enjoy to take your focus away from the pain)

    You might find this useful too - not getting enough sleep can really affect how well we can tolerate pain

    I hope the guided injection for your ankle comes through soon.

    You could try seeing if there's an arthritis support group in your area, it really helps to talk to people who know how it feels. Otherwise, there's always the lovely people on the helpline here.

    Take care

    LM x

  • Peawhips
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    Ive had my injection yesterday they put a dressing over the area bug haven't said long i have to keep it on.

    My gp who i see monthly basis is on holiday until 2nd week in september when children go back. Had a word with advance nurse practioner abouth my asthma so i mentoned to her see if she could do anything but didnt mentioned anything about but im hoping to get appointment soonas she gets back. My gp sent an email to the receptionists to book me in but havent recieved an appointment yet.

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    Hi @Peawhips

    im sorry your going through this but have you considered contacting the patient liaison officer the the hospital you’ve been referred too maybe they can help rather than going through the hospital I do honestly understand chronic pain and I’m afraid hospitals seem to only be dealing with emergencies now and maybe drs are swamped maybe the liaison service can intervene

    hope you get the help you need soon take care and stay strong 💐💐