I’m new here. OA in hip and knee at 55.

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed a few months ago with severe OA in right hip and then moderate OA in right knee. I have some in left hip and knee too but this doesn’t give me pain yet. I have a manual job which keeps me active but am also now limited with what I can do. Have been prescribed loads of meds which I dont like. Trying to survive on paracetamol and nurofen plus a TENS. I’ve been told I’m too young for surgery but I have read about partial knee replacement which can be done at any age. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks!


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    Hello @Newy welcome to the online community

    You have severe OA in your right hip and knee and some in your left hip and knee which is not painful yet. You are wondering if any members have experience of partial knee replacements. Certainly there are a number of conversations about knee replacement surgery and members have described their pre and post op experiences. Also I include links to the VA information pages about knee surgery and exercises to encourage healthy joints.


    If you have the chance to browse further round the community do join in with the many discussions and activities. We are a friendly and supportive group and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Take care


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    I to have severe OA in right him and now moderate in my knee. My main advice to you is dont let it go on to long! I was diagnosed 12 years ago and given meds. I tried my best to avoid a hip replacement even having steroid injections and now im waiting to see the consultant. Im in serious pain and wish id tried been referred a lot earlier as its almost unmanageable now so dont wait!

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    I was a self-employed gardener with OA in right hip at 54 and closed down my business now back to a WFH desk job - I stopped before I needed to rely on pain killers. Yesterday I did 20-30 mins on knees doing some DIY at home and now paying price today, feeling some pain but nothing too bad i.e. I'll be out for 1 mile walk in a minute. I need to restart the exercises the NHS physio gave me but will wait a day or two. I guess I'm trying to delay going back to Docs, until I really need to, (or slightly before) but don't want to get so bad that I'm then having to wait and suffer, but judging when that will be may be difficult. I've read some posts on here that having a THR has really made a big change, so I'm hopeful that longer term. Hope you get you pain under control and get the treatments in good time