Effect of HRT

Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with osteo arthritis in both hands & wrists. The rheumatologist suggested I investigate HRT as a way to delay the effects of the arthritis and allow me to reach retirement age with less problems (my hands are vital to my job). Has anyone else on here done this & did it work?


  • Ellen
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    Hi @FClayton a very warm welcome to the Online Community.

    This is a very interesting post I am sure it's the first time I have heard of a Rheumatologist recommending HRT to help with Osteoarthritis and I will be watching this thread to see what replies you get.

    This is the only information I have found on our site and I believe refers to osteoporosis:

    A search of previous threads didn't help very much either, but this old 'read only' thread might be of interest:

    I'm glad you have posted this in the Living with Arthritis Category, rather than 'Say Hello' as more people will see it here. I hope you get some useful replies.

    Best wishes


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    I remember an article in the news about HRT maybe helping with OA of the knees I think @FClayton

    I wish they'd let me try it but nope migraine with aura😒

    If you give it a go will you please post how you get on?


    Toni xx

  • FClayton
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    I'm interested to see what my GP says. I also get migraines and didn't know that could be an issue. I will let you know how I get on.

  • frogmorton
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    I was talking to a neighbour the other day who is allowed HRT and she has migraines so there's hope for you I will have my fingers 🤞 crossed

    She has some gel she rubs on her arm.

    Good luck!

    Toni x

  • Bleu
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    Sometimes, the HRT is to prevent bone loss from damage of the RA. It does not necessarily mean pain free. I have no experience with it, but have researched it a bit. I myself take a big dose of vitamin D. Don't know how helpful it is to me, but it doesn't hurt to try. Good luck!

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    Hello FClayton, have you started on HRT? If so I'd be interested to know if it's helping with arthritis ?

  • FClayton
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    Hi May_james, I haven’t as yet. My GP is willing but is leaving it to me to decide when. I have very few debilitating symptoms of menopause so far (my weighted duvet has been amazing for controlling the night sweats) so was thinking of leaving it until those really kicked in. The OA is up & down and does seem to be affecting more joints on a daily basis. However, from the research I’ve been able to do, HRT doesn’t appear to help with progress or pain it just allows you to sleep better; which in turn helps to cope with the pain levels etc. I have found taking vit D & calcium has helped as has the weighted duvet.