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Hi all just been diagnosed with Adult Onset Still’s Disease. It’s been a painful few months with a month in hospital having an enormous amount of tests. I’m scared what the future might bring! But trying to be positive as I’m still only early stages of flare up recovery.


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    Hi @Lisaall Lovely to meet you and Welcome you to the Online community.

    I see from your post that you have been recently diagnosed with Adult Onset Still's Disease. It sounds as though you have had a tough journey getting there. Of course you are understandably scared about the future - we all are when we are diagnosed with a long term condition. You must be kind to yourself while you adjust.

    I wonder whether you'd be interested in this thread by @JessicaLizzie who is in hospital right now having also been just diagnosed with AOSD. Initially they suspected Reactive Arthritis hence the title:

    When we are first diagnosed and probably still in pain we do go through a range of emotions this article might help you while you wait for some of our members to come along to share their own experience:

    Do take a look around the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable. Say hello where you have posted is people introducing themselves, but often people who are also newly diagnosed like @bedfordy who joined this morning like yourself. Living with Arthritis tends to be one of the most popular categories.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Lisaall

    Lovely to meet you and welcome you to the forum from me too😊

    Accepting a condition like ours is a process it doesn't happen overnight. I was terrible when it first happened to me. I was an Arthritis bore to friends and family, I wouldn't plan anything in case i couldn't manage it. I thought I was letting my husband down (he loves travel) and would embarrass my children in front of their friends.

    In the end I found this place where I could find out and get help and support and here I am 14 years later still pretty well on my feet and life is good. Not what i had planned but honestly good. We are just back from a road trip around France in our motorhome with a river cruise booked for next year.

    I think I may have embarrassed my kids though not due to the Arthritis😄

    This is an old thread it's read only, but might be worth a look?

    I agree with Ellen take a look at @JessicaLizzie she is in hospital right now where you have recently been.

    take care and keep posting

    Toni x