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I've been taking methotrexate for 2 years now but struggling with the side effects the 2 day hangover is starting to mentally drain me. The constant up and down every week is grinding me down

What other medication would others recommend that I could try and what are the side effects like of other meds



  • Sharon_K
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    Hello @Hey

    welcome to the online community. Methotrexate is a very useful medication, is it actually helping your arthritis despite the side effects? The best thing to do would be to discuss the options with your rheumatologist. There are lots of DMARDS (Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs.

    I am sure our members will share some of their experiences with other DMARDS

    Best Wishes


  • frogmorton
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    I am so sorry @Hey Sounds like you have been really unlucky with your Methotrexate. Not everyone gets such bad hangovers. I am presuming you have tried all the obvious stuff like taking meds at night, on a day with no work the next day, getting extra rest, folic acid every day ( except MTX day) and even having it via injection?

    Sharon has given you the information in the main site about the different DMARDs and the potential side effects. If your Rheumatologist has suggested something specific it might be easier for us to tell you whether we've tried it.

    Anyway some ((())) from me.

    Toni xx

  • Caleb1981
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    Hi @Hey

    I complete sympathise with the post Methotrexate hangover, the first 48 hrs were the worst but felt it every day until the next dose.

    I had to stop Methotrexate in July because of Covid and elevated liver enzymes, but I can’t bare the thought of restarting it (despite being given the go ahead 4 weeks ago) and feeling like that again.

    My rheumatologist has given me 4 other options and has left me to choose - not really keen on either really, but think I’ll be forced back on one soon. I’ve been taking collagen as an ‘alternative’ but can’t be really sure it’s working, although my damaged joints have been pain free and look less deformed.

    Sorry I can’t answer your question on other medications, but reading your post just struck a cord with me.