Pain in hands

Hi am 37 and newly diagnosed I have arthritis in my knees but I have suddenly started getting pain in my hands and now developed lumps on fingers , has anyone else had this happen .thanks


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    Hi @Clairelouise21 Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I understand from your post that you are newly diagnosed with arthritis in your knees, but your hands seem to be joining in now too.

    While you wait for someone to come along and share their experience I am going to post a couple of links which you might find helpful.

    This one is about hand and wrist pain which has a good picture of the structure of the hand might help you to pinpoint the precise area of your lumps:

    I am attaching a link to a thread which might be of interest:

    Best wshes


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  • Thanks a lot I thought my knees were bad but but my fingers with the lumps are as painful , I lost 4 stone in the hope to help my knees but it’s hasn’t made any difference I will have a read of the threads thanks x

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    Hi @Clairelouise21

    You might want to try compression gloves to help with the pain in your hands. I find they help mine as they give support from the compression but also retain warmth in my hands. When it's cold and I'm not wearing them I can really feel my hands are far more of a problem.

  • Loggiemod
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    Hi @Clairelouise21 I agree with @jamieA that compression gloves are a great help. More so than splints which were recommended to me (I have OA in my thmbs)

  • Spider
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    It's a very painful experience when your fingers get lumps and swell. My finger joints also lock and sometimes I can't release them for days. The pain is horrendous!

  • Collette
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    My fingers have nidules compresion gloves work i also swim outdirrs and the pain all of it magically goes away for hoirs sfter swimming

  • Moira
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    I can no longer play the various instruments (guitar, piano ,Renaissance recorders - can just about do my uke now) that I used to, nor do goldwork embroidery on my slate frame. I had an op to remove 5 nodules on one finger a number of years ago, and am awaiting another op to remove a small bone at the base of my wrist to give better movement. My hands are really ugly now!

    It is VERY frustrating. I have had appointments at the hospital with a brilliant OT and do my exercises and use my "putty" every day, which does help. I also have different splits (free from the hospital) and compression gloves |(also got them free although not all hospitals give compression gloves). Submerging my hands in warm (not very hot) water and doing exercises under the water helps. Cold weather is a nightmare, but then I have Rhenauds (sp?) as well.

    My wedding ring went from i 1/2 (tiny) to P (had to get a new one). I'm afraid there's nothing really you can do, but you must keep the joints supple and moving or they will cease up.

    Get an appointment with your GP and ask for a referral to an OT (Occupational Therapist) they really are a big help in giving you ideas, exercises and support to help you cope.

    Good luck.

  • ScaryMary
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    I too find compression gloves helpful. I have a pair which are copper infused and have a wrist strap which helps with wrist pain too.

  • jamieA
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    Hi @ScaryMary

    I'd be interested to find out more about these gloves - could you post a link to them?

  • Forestboy
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    Hi Claire Louise,I have pains in my hands ,I worked as a tool maker but that was in the past I am now 82 and I relieve my pain by wearing thermal cycle gloves,they keep my hands more supply.My feet are a problem so I wear wooden socks in bed.I fully expect to get worse but do try to keep cheerful it helps a lot. Frank.g

  • Forestboy
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    I bought mine from halsfords

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    Sorry to hijack your thread @Clairelouise21 but I just want to give a quick welcome to @Forestboy. It's great that you've joined us and jumped straight in with some helpful suggestions to support painful wrists and hands.

    Please do carry on posting - you might be interested in telling us a bit more about yourself in the Say Hello forum.

    Best wishes,

    Anna (Mod)

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  • JennaCanada
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    I also have wrist and finger pain and the only thing I find helpful is to keep moving them to keep them limber. I'm not ready to wear compression gloves but that sounds like my next step. Thanks for the advice!

  • Anna
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    Hi @JennaCanada,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting a helpful suggestion. You might like to look at the hand and wrist exercises on the Versus Arthritis page - they help to keep your joints flexible and also help with the pain:

    Do have a look round the forum, and join in whenever you feel comfortable,

    Anna (Mod)

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  • WendyAnne
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    Do you wear your compression gloves when you go swimming ? I find the cold water makes my hands too painful when swimming

  • jamieA
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    Hi @Spider

    The year before I was diagnosed with PsA I had the very same symptoms as you are describing. My 2nd and 3rd fingers would lock in the open position and I'd get a tremendous pain running through the fingers and into my hand. The only way I could undo this was to strongly massage the nuckle joints at the base of my fingers.The junior GP I saw at the time diagnosed Trigger Finger but due to ineptitude by the senior GP in the practice they didn't refer me to an orthopaedic specialist due to forgetting to send the letter. Then covid came along and due to the delay I eventually saw the orthopaedic consultant a year and a half after initial diagnosis - and a week after being diagnosed with PsA. The orthopaedic consultant spent 5 minutes confirming the diagnosis, gave me two steroid injections into the base of my fingers. I haven't had a recurrence in almost 2 years though that might now be because I'm on drugs for PsA.,catch%22%20in%20the%20tendon%20sheath.

  • Pinkorchid
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    I have lumps on my fingers and back of hand too. I also have advanced OA so this feels like the next step. Will follow this thread to see how others cope with the condition.

  • FClayton
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    I have been finding the same. Always seems to affect the middle finger! Looks like I’m being rude (I do have a bit of a giggle).

    Has anyone found a good source of compression gloves for small hands? I’m a 7 in female gloves and the ones I’ve found so far are far too loose.