6th Covid booster

me waiting for my 6th jab and my mum her 5th jab.

Once again a cockup by our GP

we was contacted 6 weeks ago by our GP for a home visit for my mum who is 96 to get her 5th jab.

was told we would hear back within a few days for a time slot and we are still waiting.

contacted the gp a month ago and was told my mum was not on the list and they would pass on the info to the surgery manager. another 2 weeks goes by and nothing, so again phoned them to be told eactly the same thing and it would be passed on to their manager.

Monday this week i phoned for a third time, and you guessed it, your mums not on the list blah blah blah. went in to the surgery yesterday to ask. place was deserted and receptionist who i spoke to on monday said i remember you ringing but my manager has not picked up the email yet and my mum is still not on the list.

had enough. as i was due my 6th jab and am time limited to a window of a week to have it i phoned up one of the walk in centres at a local hospital. went down an hour ago and both had the 5th and 6th jab.

I asked about which jab was available and was told we are supplying the moderna but you have a choice of 3.



pfizer bioNTech bivalent released 3rd september.

we chose the last.

In each dose of the booster vaccine, ‘Comirnaty bivalent Original/Omicron’, half of the vaccine (15 micrograms) targets the original virus strain and the other half (15 micrograms) targets Omicron (BA.1).

roll on 7th jab.


  • MrDJ
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    forgot to mention but cant edit above.

    i decided not to take my 8 methotrexate today and will leave it until next saturday so as to give at least some time for the jab to kick in.

  • jamieA
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    Hi @MrDJ

    You might want to read this post regarding the findings of the VROOM study. They recommend a 2 week delay in taking MTX after the booster vaccine. I had my booster two weeks ago and I'd previously spoke to my rheumatology nurse after I had read the study. She confirmed I should take a 2 week hiatus of my MTX and she also suggested that since I was stable I should delay my adalimumab injection as well. In my case during the second week of this hiatus I've had a bit of a tough time with my joints.


  • I have just started MTX (newly diagnosed) I was advised to have the booster first and then allow two weeks before starting the MTX to give the booster a chance to take hold. I didn't get any options on which booster to have but it was the pfizer bioNTech bivalent.

  • MrDJ
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    it was that report made me think about not taking my mtx today. on previous jabs the specialists have always said i need to keep taking my mtx and keep my 6 weekly infliximab bio similar infusion.

    i guess back then this report wasnt out so i will speak to them next week about it.

    tbh, i only have the covid jab in my body for 3 weeks then it is washed out by the infusion anyway so even though ive had 6 every blood test to see if i had any protection afterwards showed i had zero % protection.