Hi all 👋

Very new to this so bear with me! After some years with mild/manageable psoriasis it has in the past couple of months really escalated, and alongside that I have developed psoriatic arthritis. 7-8 weeks ago I was fine. I now have crippling pain in my knees, one ankle, my neck, two fingers and an elbow. I've been through codeine and Naproxen and have managed to get a cancellation for a steroid jab which I had at the end of the week - so far it has taken the edge off and loosened up my elbow and fingers but I am still overall sore. On a bad day - or without meds - it is excruciating, I struggle to get dressed or even turn over in bed/pull the duvet over me. My GP has referred me to a rheumatologist (and dermatologist) and I'm awaiting appointments.

I am contemplating applying for PIP and/or a blue badge, and thinking about it now because I know how long it can take. I guess my question is: is it too soon? When I haven't seen a rheumatologist yet or tried many of the treatments available so I don't really know the prognosis, I don't know if that will count against me? I have had blood tests though that have confirmed inflammatory markers are FAR too high and in conjunction with my psoriasis and PsA symptoms my GP is confident that's what it is.

What are people's experiences? Is it worth me applying, as it is definitely having an impact on my day to day life and mobility, or should I wait until I've had more treatments so I better understand what long term will look like?

Sorry this is a long post, just so new to this I am processing and trying to get my head round a life that has changed drastically in a few weeks 😕

Thanks for reading!