Biochemical injection

So guys, I’m struggling ALOT with my arthritis - I know have carpal tunnel which is extremely uncomfortable. I’m due to hoping start my injections in around 3 weeks. Have any of you got them? Tried them? I’d like to know as much as possible. After an hours phone call yesterday about them I’m feeling overwhelmed with information and risks to take into consideration regarding foods to eat, how to eat them & the risk of any infection could cause horrible harm to myself.

Please if anybody reads this, please reach out to me as I feel alone. 😭


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    Hi @GemPhill

    Do you mean biologic injections? If so I was put onto an adalimumab biosimilar in late July 2021. I've not experienced any issues from the injections. It has made a significant positive difference to me. It's not a cure by any means but it has allowed me to function - which I could barely do beforehand. I've been able to come off the opiod painkillers I was previously taking (to the maximum) - in fact I've only had to resort to paracetamol on a handful of occasions in the last year. I am very aware of the fact that my immune system may be compromised and I've adjusted my life to take account of this. I'd rather be the way I am now than how I was in the year before I was put on biologics. I haven't really changed my diet much. I gave up alcohol (which was my choice) when I was on opiods and have never gone back to it and I never really ate soft unpasteurised cheese. I do miss pate though.

    I hope your treatment works. In my case I could feel a positive difference after 3 weeks - so the week after my 2nd injection. When I started the injections I could only walk using two elbow crutches. Two months later I returned both crutches to the hospital physio department.

    Like you I was a bit taken aback by the list of possible issues but I honestly haven't had a problem.

    Best of luck.

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    I have adalimumab every 2 weeks and methotrexate injections every week. The actual injection technique is really easy, I do tend to get a bruise at the injection site, but no other side effects at all. I think if I took notice of all the side effects of all the different medications I take I’d be a jibbering wreck! I’d rather not think of them unless I start to feel strange.

    Have you been offered surgery for carpel tunnel? I’ve had it done in both hands.(at separate times) It didn’t hurt, it was a bit inconvenient not being able to use my hand for a few days, but the relief is immense….. pins and needles and excruciating pain stopped as soon as surgery was done. Amazing operation!

    Good luck

    Jan x

  • Hi

    Been on Imraldi brand of adalimumab for about 20 months. It gave me a life back without steroids or tramadol.

    injection is easier if you let them come up to temperature. I keep mine in a pocket for 20min.

    Hope something similar works for you. No meds are perfect and it pays to keep it under review. But there are some excellent treatments out there.