Anyone else JUST HAD SURGERY ?

Im a week post op after total ankle replacement. Would love to chat with anyone else at this sort of stage after any hip / knee / ankle surgery. Feeling a bit alone.


  • Tom
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    If you click on "Knee Replacement" in Popular Tags - find it on the bottom right of your screen - you should get some relevant comments.

  • frogmorton
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    Never talk to me @Christine164

    I am the ultimate wimp post surgery😳 I am always last to recover entirely due to my own cowardice and avoidance of pain🤭

    I hope you are doing ok at least?

    I know @ellyb39 has not long had surgery she might still be around...

    Wishing you all the very best feel free to tell us your story if you want to.

    Toni x

  • I feel your pain especially since I will have to go through 3rd and 4th Surgery sometime next year because I had a ankle injury 13/11/20 to 7/12/20 including the 1st operation on the 15/11/20 then 14/1/21 to 31/1/21 inc 2nd operation on the night of the 18/1/22 and of course includes Fracture Clinic appointments February/April 8th 2021 as I got my moon boot off. Plus now that my arthritis has spread from my knees 19/9/2013 to my fractured left ankle and that explains the Surgery I mentioned in my 1st sentence after X-rays Oct'22 Kings Cross Hospital and last Wednesday 16/11/22 at Orthopedic Department at 9.20 am, plus I've had Flat Feet since 1996 which is almost 30 years.😚