AposHealth and Apos shoes/trainers for Osteoarthritis


I am new here. Looking forward to read the posts and get involved in discussions. I have osteoarthritis of knees and shoulders. Left hip has also started sending signals to tell me it is going the same way!

Has anyone heard of AposHealth? a company that is manufacturing shoes/trainers for osteoarthritic people? I cannot recall where I read about it. In that article, it said that NHS is considering use of this treatment mode , after the draft has been approved(?) or being considered by NICE (National Institute ofClinical Excellence). Also a spokesperson for NICE mentioned that NHS will save much money by using this treatment method. It also said that this is NOT a cure for Osteoarthritis but it will delay surgery by providing much-needed pain relief to patients.

My own online research made me think it is an American company's innervation and UK has a handful of practitioners who are trained in providing such treatment.

I would very much like your thoughts on this new possibility of getting relief from constant pain that we all suffer even though it is not supposed to be a cure for the disease.