AposHealth and Apos shoes/trainers for Osteoarthritis

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I am new here. Looking forward to read the posts and get involved in discussions. I have osteoarthritis of knees and shoulders. Left hip has also started sending signals to tell me it is going the same way!

Has anyone heard of AposHealth? a company that is manufacturing shoes/trainers for osteoarthritic people? I cannot recall where I read about it. In that article, it said that NHS is considering use of this treatment mode , after the draft has been approved(?) or being considered by NICE (National Institute ofClinical Excellence). Also a spokesperson for NICE mentioned that NHS will save much money by using this treatment method. It also said that this is NOT a cure for Osteoarthritis but it will delay surgery by providing much-needed pain relief to patients.

My own online research made me think it is an American company's innervation and UK has a handful of practitioners who are trained in providing such treatment.

I would very much like your thoughts on this new possibility of getting relief from constant pain that we all suffer even though it is not supposed to be a cure for the disease.


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    Thanks very much for the link. Glanced through the posts.....not much hope.

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    Hi I have been using APOS for 5 years going into my 6 th. I needed knee replacements when I started with APOS. Luckily there was a physio about 20 mins from me that practised APOS.

    The first year cost ne £2500 for the boots and 4 appts through the year. Every other year I have paid £350 for 3 appts although just recently it was reduced to £250 for the next year. Each time I go o do walking with a gadget that feeds back to his laptop which gives a breakdown of how I am walking - leaning on one side , slower etc etc. on the basis of the readings the discs on the boots are adjusted abd sometimes replaced with different thickness. To me it has been worth every penny as it has kept me away from the knife. I have always had to wear them 1 and half hours a day when possible and that is 2 mins on my feet then 10 sitting then 2 mins on my feet again and so on. My Apos physio says he can’t reverse the arthritis but the boots strengthen muscle ablive and below the knee which supports the knees. I believe it was developed in Israel initially. You can look on website for nearest practitioner- I was lucky there was one near me These boots also help with back and hips as well. I sound like I work for them but I don’t I am just very happy with them! At my practice there are people that have been referred by NHS and they pay! I just couldn’t get the referral as I was a bit out of the area. I hope this helps