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hello I’m Anne. I have oa in both hips much worse on the left. GP says it’s mild but my pain isn’t.

i might have posted once before but I can’t really remember


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    Hi @Pepsimaxrock

    Welcome again to the online community,You posted on 12th October and were welcomed by a moderator. But dont worry about maybes you are a community member and can post on our forums whenever you feel like it.

    You say your GP says you have mild osteoarthritis but you feel the pain is not.I have osteoarthritis and even when my GP said it was only mild i remember feeling the same as you. They referred me to a Pain management course which was brilliant and helped enormously.Have you tried to access a course? usually run by your Surgery.But just in case there are not any here is a link that may help you.

    Hope this helps.Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on and do talk to others on our forums we are all friendly and willing to help all we can, Everyone has some form of arthritis so know how you feel.

    Take care and all the best Christine

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    Hi Anne, that is a great title, “……..I think. “

    Made me smile.


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    I have also found that doctors are pretty unsympathetic to the pain. I have severe OA in my left hip, xrays showing bone-on-bone. I still have doctors shrug off my pain or recommend things that have not worked in the past & will not help now. The steroid shot lasted maybe a week, and the physical therapist started out telling me that I would not see much improvement. This is something that makes me soooo angry! I finally asked why not just approve me for surgery & the doc said insurance wants proof that every other possibility has been tried (I am in the US). I have been going through the same thing in trying to get a cpap for sleep apnea. It seems that the insurance companies WANT us to be unwell.

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    I had the same comment from the pain clinic.

    “There’s nothing more we can do for you. No surgery possible. Just gotta take pain meds for the rest of your life. We can change your state of mind though so you think of Pain differently.”

    That made me smile. Change my state of mind. When I’m upbeat i have the most positive state of mind possible for someone with severe chronic pain.

    I said have my pain for half an hour and then tell me that again once you know what it’s like.