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Hi everyone, I'm not very good at sharing, I'm a 'Get your head down and get on with it' type but I've been persuaded to open up and share my experiences so here goes.

I was first diagnosed with Arthritis in my late 30s, I'm now 66 and I have Osteo Arthritis in several joints all of which I have been able to manage by Changing my Diet, help from Physiotherapists, regular exercise (Swimming and Walking) and an occasional Operation.

I am now retired and I have been begun sketching and painting, something I haven't done since College and I am enjoying myself, I'm even helping to Tutor a local art group, but I have been dealt a blow recently with a diagnosis of OA in my wrists and the majority of my finger joints, my GP told me the long term prognosis is not good and Surgery is not possible.

I'm determined to carry on as long as possible so I have purchased new brushes, pencils, tools etc designed to help Artists with this type of problem, I also have various braces and gloves to keep my fingers warm and supple and help me manage the pain.

I've joined the Community because I would appreciate hearing from anyone else out there who has experienced similar problems and maybe my experiences will help others.

By the way I've never joined an Online Community before so I apologise in advance if I commit any social faux par (I think that's right) but what on earth are TAGS?