Psa symptoms

Hi everyone, I'm new to psoriatic arthritis and been on metoject injection for under 1 year, i had issues with were fingers elbows and wrist, since being on the medication my bloods have been getting better. But it's always around this time of the year I just fell so sore and drained. I'm now getting sore neck shoulder and ears, are these part of the symptoms as first I've had this issue. And of course got a headache nearly every day. Anyway advice would help thanks.


  • Me too. Do you take vitamin D supplements through the winter? If not you might be deficient around this time, which can cause that drained feeling. Sorry I don't have better advice about anything else, just sympathy.

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    Aww thanks will try vitamins d xx

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    I can understand the neck and shoulder issues (I have RA not PsA) but ears? And I'm not sure about the headaches either. @DorothyParker is quite right about Vit D and winter but I'd personally have a natter with my practice nurse or rheumatology helpline people. I don't think metoject should stil be causing probĺems (though PsA in neck and shoulders might).

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