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just seeing if i can get on here as the box at the top keeps saying it needs to confirm my email address.

oh well

Hi everyone

recently diagnosed with O.A in both hips which was a bit of a shock as i was only having fun with one of them at the time,so feeling out of sorts at the mo.

As i told eveyone, when i got to 60 body says. too much fun over the years so its payback time....but does it have to be all at once!

anyway thats it for now.lets see if i am actually posting on here

keep safe everyone



  • Poppyjane
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    Welcome @eileenb61 to the online community,

    You have recently been diagnosed with OA in both hips and are feeling out of sorts. It is often a shock to receive a double whammie diagnosis like this but we hope that once you begin to adjust to it and find information and friendship on the community that it will not be as difficult to come to terms with. We are here to support you and your family and there is a lot to help you on the community pages.

    I attach some links for you to look at and hope that you will find them helpful



    One of the important messages that we are being told is to try to keep our muscles and joints as flexible as possible so we need to keep as active as possible. There are some good videos on the Versus Arthritis site which many of our members enjoy and we hope you will as well.


    Thanks for getting in touch with us, the reason for asking for you to confirm your email address is for security. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Take care


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    Hi @eileenb61

    Nice to meet you and welcome you to our forum too😊 Everyone here is really nice and helpful.

    I am sorry about your diagnosis of OA - it's not payback for anything you've done just bad luck.

    There are quite a few members here who have OA of the hip and a lot recently had replacements too so you are 100% not alone now.

    Take care

    Toni x

  • Lilymary
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    Hi, and welcome. I was diagnosed with OA in both hips when I was 61, by which time it was so bad I went straight onto the list for a new one. I had no idea I had OA at all. I looked back and realised from little niggles after a hard day that this had been building up for around 20 years, but my muscle tone was so good I didn’t realise my hip was crumbling away. I was tempted to think, like you, that this was payback for a lifetime of pushing myself up hills and boogying at concerts etc, but as @frogmorton says, it’s bad luck and, in my case, bad genes. Arthritis runs in our family. Not everyone who pushes themselves this hard ends up crocked.

    It can be a lot to take in at first, and can mean a lot of adjustment physically and mentally, as well as managing your condition. But life is still good. Just different. This forum and the advice on this site saw me through the worst of it, so keep posting on here. It’s a lovely friendly forum with lots of experience, so if you’re having a bad day and need a moan, or want to share a giggle, post away.

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    Hi Eileen, welcome to the group. I too had OA both hips, one replaced just before Christmas. I am 68 and the pain started about 6 years ago. It was manageable at first with painkillers but about two years ago could stand it no longer and agreed with gp about a replacement. Y

    I realised how I had progressed when I climbed over a stile yesterday whilst out walking without any problems.

    My tips are keep walking as much as you can, see a physio and do the exercises, keep weight down and cut back on sugary food. The hardest part for me was giving up cakes but I found that it really did help with lowering inflammation.

    Don't suffer in silence Eileen. Take all the help you can get and keep posting on this group.

    In the esy days after my op I was in some pain and feeling really low. The lovely people on here kept me going with their reassurance and advice. Take care.

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    Hi everyone and thanks for the welcome. Thinking back it all seemed to start 2017 when i went to see about a sore thigh muscle. the doc i saw said bursitis, so ibuprofen . as it was about october was ok-ish with that. Come christmas/new year iboprofen+booze was a no-no so went for drink option instead.....before any says owt.i didnt/dont go out that much at all .and it was a party at my mates house. About 2 weeks later still not on ibuprofen was asked if wanted to go out on motorbike. yes please...after about an hours ride round dales of yorkshire doing our usual .where we going "oh turn left and lets see where we end up thing" we stopped for a cuppa at Hawes..eeekk!! i couldnt get off the ruddy bike. my hip had "locked".well much to everyones amusement and mine. the bike was tilted to one side and i had to hop one footed sideways off it and promptly fell on me bum. hip was fine! coffee and bun restored faith in leg so we set off back home.

    next day was going to docs anyway for review on bursitis..different doc ..u got inflamed deep thigh muscles.have more ibuprofen and stuff to keep tum safer.. lockdown occured,various things going on family wise ..came off ibuprofen..hip seemed ok.....june-ish last year..started walking odd.leg deciding it would give way when it wanted..by this time i had a new hobby ..field archery..climbing over the stile at the wall one day I couldnt.so promptly fell over/off it... swearing ensued as i thought i broke my new bow,but hadnt thankfully. Telling my boss in passing at work what had happened and it was then noticed that i had been getting stiff when walkng around .and wasnt it better to have it looked at. so ...back to yet another doc..this one said..right go for x-ray as nowt had been done before and lets see if theres owt there..yup you guessed. o.a in both hips.whoppee bloody do..so at mo back on ibuprofen,keeping active(work) and a referral in March to see where we go from here ..i will keep u posted

    thanks for letting me ramble on


  • eileenb61
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    well been for the referral today

    consultant looks at x-ray says. "the right hip is very very bad " also your left ones not alot better .so you need BOTH hips replacing a.s.a.p


    ok so back to ibuprofen and await to see where we go next. physio and blood tests were mentioned

    also asked if had any pets (1 dog,2cats)because if any scratches/bites no surgery allowed

    so i'm thinking EEEEKKKKK....

    what fun.

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    just a quick update

    a cancellation slot has come up,so operation in early May

    Glad but apprehensive


  • eileenb61
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    op on right hip tomorrow.

  • stickywicket
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    Hi Eileen,

    Good luck for tomorrow.. I've had two THRs. So has my husband, All successful. I wish you the same👍

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    well thats that done

    all sucessful so far.

    now staying at big brothers for a while ,then back to the madness of life at home.

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    Hope all going well and you are healing well. Take care

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    thanks everyone for keeping me sane


    2 week post op

    hobbling around on sticks not too much pain as such,but know if overdone it paracetamol if needed

    still at big brothers (wonder if he'll let me stay)

    tesco deliveries are ok(ish) for stuff

    pee pants are a godsend(sorry might be tmi). body say i need a pee,mind says ahhh but can you get there in time hehehe,evil swine .pee.pants are definately a godsend.

    must keep off amazon and ebay

    2 week nurse checkup tomorrow


  • Wenwoo
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    Hello Eileen,

    So glad that things aren’t too bad nothing like a good pair of Tena pants when your legs don’t go as fast as we think they will, take care xx

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    oucheeee the plaster came off today aided by the nurse

    my fault shouldnt of been cocky and rememberd its been on 2 weeks (stuck like a limpet ) and said "oh just take it off in 1". she did !.

    but she said "healed nicely no other plasters now ,just needs air to it .yayy

    hubby said i look like i been bitten by a shark.... dadum dadum