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Hello all - newbie here! I'm Jon living in West Oxfordshire with osteo-arthritis in both knees.

I came across Versus Arthritis via the Connect Health website and called in on the helpline to speak about treatment options I may not be aware of. The wonderful lady I spoke to recommended I join the forum so here I am!

Nice to eMeet you all and hope to learn a few things on the way as well as pass on anything I've found helpful to treat or reduce symptoms.


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    Hi @jonr (Jon), 

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    You have OA in your knees and have been referred here from Connect Health.

     Members of the forum are a very friendly bunch and this the ideal place for you to both give and receive tips on managing the symptoms of arthritis. 

    If you’ve not already visited our website, you may find this link useful:


    Also, here’s a recent discussion in the forum that you may wish to join in on:


    I hope you find joining the forum beneficial. Do take a good look around and join in on as many discussions as you feel appropriate and perhaps start a discussion of your own if you wish. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Thanks for the warm welcome ChrisB,

    The lady I spoke to when I called the helpline was extremely helpful and sent me various links to sections of the website, as well as informing me on things like the Capsaicin Cream and TENS machines. I've got a telephone appointment with a doctor in MSK tomorrow when I will ask about ACI procedure as a potential treatment option for (I have moderate OA by all accounts though it doesn't feel like it!).



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