Post op pain


Hi…had a full knee replaced done on Monday and by all accounts I’m doing pretty well. Walking round the house unaided and managing the knee bend exercises.

Need so suggestions about how to manage pain in the dark hours in the middle of the night. Am trying to sleep on my back but am very aware of how much my knee hurts which means I’m awake for quite a lot of the night. So feeling very tired.


  • Anna
    Anna Moderator Posts: 991

    Hello @nicholaj,

    Glad to hear you’re doing pretty well after your knee op!

    There’s quite a few posts about knee replacements on the forum - here’s a thread that’s got some useful tips:

    I hope all continues to go well for you, and you get some more suggestions about how to deal with night time pain. Do let us know how you’re getting on.

    Anna ( Moderator)

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