Hi guys,

I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my knee for 18 months but just started have a few more issues and longest flare up yet. What do you guys do for pain relief, I’m going through Ibrobufen like no tomorrow! 😂 thanks in advance!



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    It doesn't half take some working out is what I would say. I take an ibuprofen (1) if I need relief from a particularly bad inflammation pain for a day. The same pain level hasn't come back all week, but the flare up hasn't gone away all week either, so today I went back to paracetamols. A full dose knocks down three kinds of pain as far as I can see, so it seems like a better option.

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    When you were diagnosed 18 months ago, did your Doctor advise you about any pain relief? I was given Naproxen and Omeprazole ( to help protect the stomach lining ) and originally only took them as and when needed but now the pain/stiffness in my knee has worsened and I take them nearly every day. They do help with my symptoms but of course everyone reacts differently to medication. Perhaps you could contact your Doctor to see if he/she can help. Let us know how you get on.

    Take care🙂

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    Hi Stevieco and welcome.

    I agree with what's been already posted, over the counter meds will only take you so far and eventually not even touch the pain.

    So, there's 2 aspects to think about - anti inflammatories to reduce swelling plus heat and pain relief. Naproxen is more powerful than Ibuprofen and often prescribed with Omeprazole by a GP, that's a good place to start to get the swelling down. Also available from your local surgery should be Steroid injections, applied directly to the source of the arthritus and even more powerful, usually dispensed in 3 monthly intervals. On top of this there are lots of health supplements such as Bromelain, Turmeric, Black Walnut Husks, big selection from places like Holland and Barrett.

    For pain management I'd recommend you visit a good Pharmacy and ask about a TENS machine. Whilst there you can pick up some Co--Codemol which usually includes Paracetemol and CBD capsules or spray. They'll also have a range of gels and creams such as FlexiSeq, Voltarol and possibly Hemp cream. When I get a flare up I usually find a knee support helps to reduce inflammation and it aids stability for walking and doing physio.

    Hope some of these help, it's a bit trial and error as your arthritis is unique to you.



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    Hi @stevieco welcome to the online community

    It is great to see some of our members have beaten me to a welcome today and with some really useful advice. I will add a link on pain management to give you an overall view from the community website.

    Numbers of our members have experience of knee pain and replacement and we hope you will browse round to learn more from the many discussions especially in the "Living with Arthritis " section.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Take care


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    Gosh @stevieco . The OA article is an attention grabber. Particularly the osteophytes (bony spurs) as there might not be much choice about where they grow. They are quite natural. I just had mine x-rayed for some guidance on attending the gym, and will absolutely want to know what shows up. Crikey.