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Hi all

i have been recently diagnosed on 2 nd February and am now into my 4 a day Sulfalazine , I am mindful that these can take several months to make a difference , however I am still feeling quite severe joint pain which Painkillers don’t help much , I have generally slept well , but the last 3 nights both legs have been very ‘achy’ which I found find more disruptive than pain itself, any early advice on when things may improve would be helpful


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    Hi @Elsieabe3 Welcome to the online community.

    I see from your post that you have recently been diagnosed with Arthritis and are on your 4th day of taking Sulfasalazine.

    You are quite right that it can take several weeks for most Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) to kick in, but you are now struggling to sleep due to achy legs. I wonder what pain relief you are taking. It might be possible for your GP to change them or increase the dosage to help while you wait for the Sulfasalazine to have an effect on your Arthritis.

    I'm just going to attach a link about managing your symptoms which you might find interesting it contains a section about sleep.

    Now that you've said hello you might want to look around the rest of the forum. Living with Arthritis is often the most popular category. If you don't get much response from this thread, maybe reposting with a different title such as 'Sulfasalazine' might be an idea.

    Best wishes


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    Thanks Ellen

    i am on 3 Rd week of 4 a day I think I worded it confusingly, I will read advice