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Why ant I aloud put links on here bout wat cream I'm useing with my arthritis joints coz I like see wat others use for there arthritis


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    Evening @Tigs

    Thank you for your message.

    The Community Guidelines state the following in relation to posting links to creams etc:

    "Direct links to purchase products (e.g. Amazon links) are not allowed

    Any links to sites relating to medical research or medications or similar must only be to credible sites e.g. those ending in .ac .nhs .edu .org Please don’t post links to any site with a .com address in this respect."

    Any links that do not conform to the above will be removed.

    Please let me or another mod know if you are still unsure what is and isn't permitted.

    Thank you, have a lovely evening.

    Dannii (mod)

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    We just can't post anything that's like advertising @Tigs

    So I can tell you that I like skechers shoes and hotters too because they are comfortable and I can get my orthotics inside them but not put a link into the specific site because it's like advertising and Versus Arthritis can't be seen to be promoting anything. It's like 'talking to a neighbour over the garden gate'

    Also we have had in the past people trying to sell what you'd call 'snake oil' fake 'cures' which just waste people's money because they don't work.

    Prescription stuff you can also talk about like 'I find capsaicin really helps my joints'

    I bet that didn't make it any clearer did it? 😔 sorry


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    Thts ok it's understandbele