Refused Spring 2023 Covid booster/anyone had a text from NHS England?

Been refused a Spring 2023 Covid vaccination as the pharmacist says I am not on a high enough dose of methotrexate and they say that all eligible patients for the Spring 2023 booster should have received an email, text and/or letter from NHS England stating their eligibility. Without sight of this communication they will not vaccinate.  I had a text from my GP urging me to book, so I booked online with a pharmacy as the GP practice could only offer me a date I could not make, but the pharmacist would not accept this. I've been called for, and had, all six other Covid vaccinations including the third primary dose without any problem, either from my GP or a walk-in centre.

I’m on 7.5mg of MTX and they say you need to be on 20mg or more to qualify.

1. Anyone out there on less than 20mg who HAS had this magic email/text/letter from NHS England confirming their eligibility for Spring 2023 booster?

2. Anyone out there on 20mg or more of MTX who has NOT had this communication?  

I don’t believe the system is foolproof so would be keen to hear if anyone has had a similar experience and whether you got the vaccination in the end.

I can’t find any reference anywhere to NHS England saying they will send a text etc to eligible patients. I've referred to the Green Book and the wording on p.24 and p.30 seems clear to me that all long-term immunosuppressed patients are eligible for the Spring 2023 booster, but the pharmacist disagrees and is using the criteria in another section because he says criteria for eligibility for Spring 2023 is unclear. You would have thought they wanted to help protect vulnerable people, not put barriers in the way! 

I did put a comment to an existing post in the Covid section but had no replies and I think this general section is more visible.


  • stickywicket
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    About three weeks ago I got a letter sending me my spring booster appointment for next week. I am on 10mgs of methotrexate.


    1. I live in Scotland.

    2. I also take another DMARD plus other meds for other conditions.

    3. I am old. (77)

    I hope you can get some clarity if nothing else.

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  • MrDJ
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    im on 20mg and Ive had email and 5 text in the last 2 days. 3 from gp who isnt doing the jab and 2 from nhs.

    as you have already received a text from your gp thats proof enough i would have thought but a google does show 20mg mtx.

    are you on any other meds or infusion for arthritis?

    worth calling 119 and asking advise. also check with your gp saying you received a text from them but pharmacist would not accept it as you are only taking 7.5 mtx.

    see if there is another walk in centre near you

  • Hermione
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    Hi both, thanks for your replies. Good news: pharmacy have backed down as they’ve had clarification from the area NHS that anyone on ANY dose of oral methotrexate is definitely eligible for the spring 2023 Covid booster vaccination. It was worth challenging. The problem was they were applying their own too stringent interpretation to the Green Book and hadn’t checked. They would not accept the text from GP as evidence of eligibility.

    I did call 119 but they could not advise me and can only take bookings. GP practice will not take calls about the vaccine. However, sorted now and new booking made. 🤞😁