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Hi - I'm new to this forum and could use some of people's experiences of knee supports. I have severe OA in right knee but they won't replace until I shed a fair amount of weight - I walk with crutches (also have OA in other knee and both hips and some as yet unconfirmed inflammatory arthritis possibly PMR) - I know I need to exercise more both for weight loss and also for muscle strength- but it really bloody hurts! Any advice re knee supports gratefully received.


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    Hi @IanBM

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum, you will find lots of discussions to have a look through and lots of supportive members. I have added a link below for some exercises relating to knee pain to get you started:

    I have no experience with using knee supports but I am sure someone here will be able to suggest something, or you may find some suggestions in similar group discussions if you wish to take a look.

    Keep us updated with how you get on

    Dannii (mod)

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    I just made a comment about being refused knee replacement surgery until I have lost weight - don’t have much practical advice for you but I do know what you are going through. I have tried knee supports and unfortunately find they just slip down. I do sometimes go to the gym and find the leg press and leg curl weight machines can help in building muscle strength (start low), also find the treadmill useful as can hold on both sides which can reduce pressure on knees marginally.

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    Hi I use a knee brace all day the sort of knee brace you will need will depend on the type of oa you have mine is in the inside of my left knee so I use an unloader brace which has a metal arm with a hinge in the middle for full movement. If I did not have this brace I would be very limited as the pain would be to much I was given the brace by the hospital so I would suggest you get a referral for one by your surgeon or maybe gp if you can as the good ones are very expensive. Hope this is some use to you.

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    Hi @IanBM and welcome to the Forum.

    Your post covers 2 topics - pain management and exercise and both go hand in hand in my humble opinion.

    Let's start with pain management, and I'll address your query re: knee supports as I use a selection on a daily basis.

    There are basically 2 types, the first is plain elasticated, the second is thicker, usually with velcrove straps and sometimes hinged which @cankman described. The key with either of these is to get the right size, otherwise they'll be too tight or too loose. Which ones you use will depend on what it is you're doing. I started out with the strapped/hinged ones to help support my knees during exercise and physio and now I've got some strength built up I'm on the elasticated ones.

    I would recommend a good independent pharmacy which will have a bigger range than Boots or Superdrug, I like a brand called Kedley for the elasticated ones but I agree with @cankman it may be wise to start out with the heavy-duty ones first as I did.

    What are you taking to help with the pain? I imagine you're probably on prescription drugs, most people seem to be on anti-inflammatories but they only go so far. I rub on FlexiSeq gel, Voltorol 12 hour gel and Red Tiger Balm before strapping in and doing anything strenuous. I can also recommend a TENS machine for instant pain relief and I find it lasts for several hours. Re: crutches, have you considered walking poles? Apart from helping to build upper body strength you'll look like one of those pro hikers!

    Hope some of these tips are what you're looking for.