Exercise after knee replacement

Hi all - I’m after more advice please.

I’m doing exercises every hour at the moment, which is clocking up to over 3 hours a day and I’m wondering if I’m overdoing it? I forgot to ask the physio today.

what time do people clock off from their exercises?

Thanks again for all advice.


  • Lindaa
    Lindaa Member Posts: 21

    I am following what my physio says. Regular appts with a group and we are at different stages and were told at 1st session that everyone is different. So what I might be doing at 6 weeks which is where I am now is different to what others might have been doing at same stage. Its your physio that should be giving specofic guidance.

    However I have exercises to do 4 times a day and have been told to move around about once an hour because I was struggling with stairs I have an extra exercise this week to help with that. My physio sessions at local hospital are about every 10 days and will continue for as long as I or physios think they are beneficial. Now walking about 10 mins at a time two or three times a day. Too much ex leads to my leg swelling up more than already is.

  • wattwrbev
    wattwrbev Member Posts: 12

    Thanks for sharing @Lindaa My physio is advising but I’ve been worried I wasn’t doing enough or doing too much. Being in a group sounds great as I’m sure you motivate one another. My knee also swells after exercise so now do 3 times a day but then a short set every hour. I’m only 2.5 weeks in so know I have to be patient.

    thanks again for sharing - it’s so good to read other people’s stories and know we’re not on our own.