Wrong diagnosis of wrist pain

I've had mild arthritis at the base of my thumbs for years. Recently, I experienced quite severe pain in my wrist, which came on fairly suddenly, and went to the GP about it. He said it was arthritis and to take painkillers.

While browsing in here, I discovered that there are specialist hand therapists, so I searched and found one not too far away. During the consultation, she told me that I have a tendon problem, it's not arthritis at all, and should improve with exercises and a splint. It's too soon to say how much it will improve but I'm optimistic.

It just goes to show that it's worth being sceptical and don't always believe what you are told. I'm fortunate that I can afford to pay for the therapist, I don't know how long it would have taken to get to see one on the NHS, assuming I could get my GP to refer me.



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    Hello @Filbert just a quick question - do you take statins? My wife was prescribed atorvostatins. On the basic dose she was OK but wasn't doing the job so the doctor upped the dose. She got tendonitis as a side-effect, in her hands and shoulders. Not saying this is what happened to you (I'm not medical) but just a thought...

    Hope you get sorted soon.

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    Thanks, yes I started late last year. It could fit, I'll look into it.

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    Thanks again for your info. I stopped the statins (after talking to my GP) and the tendon problem does seem to be improving. I found a reference that mentioned a median time of 23 days for the problem to disappear and that's pretty much in line with my experience - it hasn't gone yet but is significantly better. My GP hadn't heard of that particular side effect of statins but I found it on the leaflet in the packet and several references after an Internet search.

    I'm greatly in your debt for taking the trouble to reply to this thread.

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    Look up stains on NHS and it might throw some light on your situation. They can cause pain and a fuzzy head among other things which I have heard people talking about first hand. My clorestoral was up and I said no. Losing weight and eating sensibly can help lower it. I wonder if the dr’s ever take or try the nasty pills they prescribe? I certainly don’t want to take a tablet that’s going to create a further problem. Most pills affect the liver and the kidneys too. Just some thoughts.

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    Yes, I understand - and I don't even have elevated cholesterol but I have had atrial fibrulation. It seems that anyone over a certain age with any sniff of a heart problem is pushed to take them.