Always getting ill.

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I was hoping to get some support, advice and see if others can relate.

I have PsA, diagnosed 2021 and been on Sulfasalazine since.

I've been lucky to dodge side effects, but I seem to get real poorly on average once a month. Not arthritis related, but general sick bugs: colds, upset stomach etc.

And when I do, I can guarantee I will spend a night with temperature of 38°+, cold sweats and lots of aches. It's becoming a bit soul destroying and impacting my sickness record at work.

Can anyone relate? Give advice? Or general moral support.

I'm at a point of thinking of a medication holiday, but the thought of a flare up is just as worrying, I'd rather not experience that pain again.

Thanks for reading ❤️


  • CarylW
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    Hello @MaddyRose

    I am glad you have found our online community, and I hope you find it helpful - our members are always keen to share their experience, and we will certainly give you moral support.

    I understand that you have PsA and have been on sulfasalazine since your diagnosis in 2021. Although you haven't had side effects from the drugs, you are feeling ill regularly and your sickness record is suffering. I can understand how worrying that must be for you.

    I am posting some information from our website below. If you haven't explored it already, you may find it useful.

    I hope that you soon get some feedback from others with experience similar to yours.

    Do keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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  • frogmorton
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    Morning @MaddyRose

    Next time you see Rheumatology you should tell them really. I mean I thought the idea of our meds is more to dampen down our immune systems rather than make us too susceptible to regular infections. Even if they aren't terrible ones they are affecting your work record.

    Maybe chase up your next apt?

    Toni x

  • MaddyRose
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    Thanks Toni.

    I plan to get in touch with them to discuss for sure.

    Appreciate the reaponse :)

  • ImAliBee
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    Phone them re the meds. It could be the dosage maybe. Or they could try another option..

  • PeterJ
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    Hello @ImAliBee and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope you will experience that as well.

    Now you are here why not tell us a bit more about yourself and please join in and keep posting. Good to have you here.

    Kind regards


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