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I have been prescribed cocodamol 8/500 for osteoarthritis until now-GP has not renewed my prescription and said I must now buy it from a pharmacist. I am surprised by this change of mind-no apparent reason. Not all chemists stock this. What would the community advise? Ibuprofen? But I have heart medication not compatible with NSAIDS.



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    Hi @hugh,

    This decision is likely down to cost-saving but I think you deserve an explanation at any rate and the opportunity to object. Unfortunately, some GPs are clueless when it comes to how painful Arthritis is and apart from anything else, the Co-Codemol on sale at Pharmacies isn't likely to be a strong and their highest strength formula will be expensive.

    If you can't take NSAIDs then Ibuprofen is off the list, besides it's not technically a pain-killer like Codeine or Paracetemol and it's not advisable to take it on a daily basis as it can inflame the stomach lining or even cause internal bleeding which is why most GPs prescribe Omeprazole alongside Naproxen (like a super-strength Ibuprofen).

    So what are your options? Whether you stick with Co-Codemol or not, in terms of painkillers there's CBD in spray or capsule form which is derived from Hemp and Bromelain, Turmeric and Boswelia as natural NSAID alternatives.

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    Hi @hugh

    I also cannot take NSAIDS. I used a pain management control dose of 2 x 30mg prescription codeine 4 times a day and 2 X paracetamol (cheapest version from your local chemists) 4 times a day, halfway between the codeine doses, for a long time until it stopped working. There is no reason why your GP cannot prescribe it for you. I would suggest you ring them back and tell them you need stronger pain relief, not lower, as what you are using does not help. See what he suggests.

    Love n hugs


  • Dasha_Karu
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    Co-Codemol I cant take it it makes me sick. so when I tell drs this all they say I can take is Paracetamol.

     Ibuprofen I am not allowed to take either as I have Asthma .

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    Hi @Dasha_Karu

    If your doctors are telling you you can only take paracetamol that's absolute rubbish and you should tell them that!

    There are many options for people who can't take NSAIDS, tramadol, amitriptyline etc are just two. Go back to them and tell them you need something stronger than paracetamol because that's as much use as a chocolate tea pot for chronic pain relief. It's ok in combination with other stuff or for mild to moderate pain but not for the type of pain than makes you want to scream!

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    Hi have a look through the following - hopefully something in it to help

    Need more help? - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    I was prescribed co codamol for a considerable time despite me telling the gp that it wasn’t even making a dent in my pain levels. I was constantly told that they couldn’t give me anything else then I spoke to another gp who once I had explained my situation to prescribed me tramadol. It was a big improvement. I know they are not keen on prescribing opioids but whilst the waiting times are so long there needs to be something to get us through. Once you are at the needing surgery stage no over the counter painkillers are going to be much help. You have to be persistent. Good luck

  • Dasha_Karu
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    Thankyou. Yes I thought as much. The paracetoml dont even touch .... I will have to find something i CAN take as I find at night its worse.

  • Dasha_Karu
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    I cant take Co codomol It makes me sick. I have to go careful what I can and can't take as Iv got Asthma as well. and that's the problem , because I am not meant to have But Iv brought a packet anyway of , Ibuprofen .. They wont give it to me at the drs so I buy it myself.

    I never take 2 anyway just have the one. But wanted something incase the pain gets very bad.