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Well seems I'm about to be told I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is all well and good when you've also got bipolar, yippee another hidden disability (we'll sort of).

Seems methotrexate is the first port of call, which ain't gonna be so nice when I'm a nurse and only work night shifts.

Little bit abou me I suppose...

60 next year then can semi retire 😊. I've 2 grown up boys, 2 grandsons, a wonderful husband, a cat which found me called Bear and love my tropical fish and koi pond, albeit hard work with aching joints, pain and fatigue.

I run, walk and cycle, garden and camp, albeit the cycling on a mountain bike and a commuter bike with e-power. The running is when I can and between 5-10 km.

Initially I thought I was just getting old, cranky and knarly, but I'm glad I put my foot down went to see my GP and got me a joint man referral. It started because I dislocated my right shoulder basically doing nowt.

So here I am waiting for the start of more new meds, which seem to have yucky side effects that may make me feel worse before I might feel better.

Anyone that can reassure me that methotrexate is a good drug please do so 🤨.

Looking forward to finding out how to live with this, tips and tricks to help me along.

Thanks for letting me in and join the forum 🤗