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I am 55 and currently waiting for a hip replacement which I’ve been told will be in about 2 years. I can only walk for a couple of minutes with a stick and have to use a wheelchair when I go out with my husband as the pain is unbearable. I am currently on naproxen. How do people cope with the pain and where is the pain you have mostly when you need a new hip? Mine seems to be knee and shin especially. Thank you. Lisa


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    Hello @Donnelly6715 and welcome to the online community,

    I understand that you have osteoarthritis in your hips and have been told that there is a two year wait for surgery. Meanwhile the pain is becoming unbearable and you’d like to hear how others cope.

    I am sure you will find useful information and support in this community - many of our members have arthritis in the hip and there are lots of posts about how they deal with the pain while waiting for surgery. Here’s a thread from a member that you might like to read:

    Versus Arthritis has a very gentle exercise programme that can help you become stronger and more flexible while you’re waiting for surgery and so help you to recover more quickly after your operation Here’s the link:

    Do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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  • Hi Donnelly6715,

    I am really understanding your pain. Luckily for me I've just had my hip replacement. However, I will not forget the excruciating pain osteoarthritis caused me. My pain travelled. At night it was like a constant ache at the back of my calf, I could not rid myself of this ache, I would move all night, legs up, legs down, get out of bed etc. In fact at first I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome which I knew was definitely not right. During the day I would, like you have pain in my shin, knee and thigh. I never had pain in my hip. Just before my long awaited operation; I have no reason why, I can only guess I had reached the next stage, my pain did subside quite a bit but my walking became ridiculous and I clicked with every step. I was on Naproxen and Co-Codomol, which didn't help that much. I got more relief from a tens machine and also from freeze sprays, they helped me. I also used freeze gel and use to cover my leg in it and then strap my lower leg up at night, this for a while allowed me to drop off to sleep. I hope you get sorted soon and find something that helps.