Regular Guitarist Nylon string Cuts on fingers


Hi I play Classical guitar Nylon middle guage strings use same also for Rhythm finger picking.

Have Osteo but getting Cuts on sides of fingers..Use mix of good handcreams and Organic hand wash got a Dog. Please any suggestions concerned Googled this problem thoroughly.Do normally in damp eg now August Scotland get stiff feeling hands intermittently.GP no hel.

Any similar experiences advice please.

Thanks aGalaxy



  • stickywicket
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    Hi @GalaxyA12 , Am I right in thinking your problem isn't with the OA but with the guitar strings cutting your fingers? I've never played guitar but I thought the idea was not to moisturise them but actually to grow hardened skin and callouses. I could be wrong. I hopr someone who knows will help.

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    Steven Wright
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    Hi @GalaxyA12 I also play guitar. You can buy silicone finger covers or guitar gloves for this issue. If u Google finger covers for guitar the items will pop up. Hope this helps

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hi Galaxy, I don’t think the guitar playing and cuts to fingers are connected at all, more so that the cuts make playing difficult? Am I correct??

    i went through a similar thing in height if lock down with all the hand washing and found that moisturising after every hand wash and if necessary every hour for a few days helped no end. A decent mild anti bac hand wash is also a must.