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Hi everyone. I’ve severe OA right hip and am hoping to get a replacement in the not too distant future. I’ve struggled with the pain and life changes and am looking forward to being amongst people who get it.


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    Hi @lynnyh and welcome to the online community,

    You are so right that our members ‘get it’ when it comes to living with arthritis! I hope you enjoy taking part in the conversations, asking questions and sharing your experiences of living with severe OA and waiting for a hip replacement. Please do have a look round the forum and join in any conversations where you feel comfortable. Here’s a recent conversation from our members about hip replacement that might interest you:

    If you want to read more about hip replacement surgery, including what to expect and how to prepare, this link might also be useful:

    Do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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  • Hello Lynnyh,

    I was the same as you OA in right hip. I struggled for years with the pain. Eventually I had to give up work which changed my life in all ways, socially, financially and mentally. Thankfully, 8 weeks ago I had my full hip replacement and the difference it has already made is amazing. Pain free and able to potter around, still can't cut my own toe nails though but that will come I am sure. I really hope you don't wait too long for your operation as I know if I could have had mine sooner I would undoubtedly still be working (after recovery of course) and would not have got so down with life. There is hope as I am now picking myself up and thrilled to bits that today I cleaned the garden shed from top to bottom, not so many weeks back I couldn't even walk to the shed so there is a light to aim for. Keep us updated on your progress

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    Oh this is music to my ears! Thankyou so much for this reply. I have 6 lbs in weight to lose to get the 10% of my body weight lost. I saw the consultant in March and he straightaway put me forward for a replacement. But the CCG declined funding due to my body weight, saying referral will be kept open for 9 months and that I needed to lose 10% of my total body weight. I cried for a day, threw my dolly out of the pram for a day, then joined slimming world. It’s tough when you can’t move much to lose weight! But I’m nearly there. I can’t wait

  • Hi Lynnyh,

    What an incentive you have to lose the 6lb, it is doable. I totally agree, it's very hard when you can't move. Diet is important for weight loss but exercise certainly assists so it is a slower road but it's not blocked. I put on so much weight due to inability of moving so I do understand. Well done on joining slimming world, knowing that you're getting on the scales also provides incentive and will power. Don't get down if the scales don't move quick, keep working hard as you're doing and you will reach your goal. As an extra positive for you, since my hip replacement which was only 8 weeks ago I have lost about 12lb, this is due to being able to move and not diet so great changes await you too. Good luck with your journey and do update on when you reach your goal. I will give you a big cheer.

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    Hi Teresapescado, picked this up earlier. Thank you for such a lovely message. Bad pain day today, hence just getting to reply. You’ve lifted mine (and my husbands!) spirits a lot. I hope the replacement works as well for me as it has for you, and wishing you well on your recovery. You’ll be cutting your own toe nails in no time! 😊 My daughter has to do mine 😂