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My name is Simona. I am 77 yrs. I have osteoarthritis (diagnosed by MRI, and X-rays) I have had it for many years... but in the last 8- 10 years it has become very severe. It affects me with constant pain, when I walk, move, try to sleep at night. I love walking and have all my life. So, I do everything I can to keep up the walking. I am learning how to pace myself though because I get easily tired friction of bones. After an active day in town, which I do enjoy. I will end up for 2 days flat on my bed to 'rest my bones.. Am trying to keep up with a few Yoga exercises which I know are effective to keep my legs, core, strong. I look forward t getting meet other people in this community and hope that I can contribute as well as get support for myself. It is very lonely to have ostheoarthritis.



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    Hi @Simone73

    Welcome to the online community from me😊

    I walk every day (at least 6 out of 7) too. I find if I go 3 days without some of my joints complain mostly my back. Yes like you I do pace myself.

    Arthritis can be very isolating, but with this site there is no need to feel alone. We are all here, we understand and care about each other.

    It sounds as though you have a lot to offer too so I am very glad you've joined.

    Take care


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    Hi Simona, how are you today?